$82,000 for “Coffee Machine Maintenance”. That’s a lot of dancing dollars!

I’m one of the few lucky people that have an NBN connection that is incredibly fast, stable, and cheap. That being said, there are tens of thousands of people who have lodged complaints in regards to the quality of service. It comes as no surprise that NBN Co have spent $437,000 in taxpayers’ money for their staff to be able to drink nice coffee.

I’m a coffee snob so I’m glad their drinking normal coffee – but $210,000 has been spent on high-end espresso machines, $145,000 on coffee beans, and $82,000 on machine maintenance. That’s almost 3000kg of cheap coffee beans!

As for the $82,000… I suspect this is similar to the “Printer Maintenance” expenses I put through at work after a boozy lunch.

If this was a private company this wouldn’t be an issue – but the fact is, it’s tax-payer’s money.

Here’s how we fix NBN:
1. Sack all the executive team and directors
2. Sack the current board
3. Sack all the senior managers
4. Put a hold on all future NBN roll outs until such time that an independent body has reviewed the project plan, business case, hired the new executive, and put some governance around exactly what is going to be delivered.

Basically, NBN Co is an extension of the government dedicated to building the infrastructure required for telco companies to deliver NBN to end-users. Up until now it has been run with little to no governance, no accountability, and no solid project plan. You CAN NOT deliver a large scale billion dollar project with out a full understanding of what you are going to deliver and a clear understanding of the key stakeholders.

All sides of our government (ALP, LNP, Greens, Independents etc) should now have to respond to the tax-payers as to what the plan for the future of NBN is, what they are going to do to ensure the government and the NBN Co is held accountable for delivery, and how the fuck they allowed stupid expenses like this to happen.

Yet again, another failing of our government’s ability to deliver.

Avoid Stupidity

I’ve always wondered why we need warning labels such as:

“Do not shower with toaster”
“Do not hold wrong end of chain saw”
“Product may contain eggs (on a box of eggs)”
“Do not put people in washer (on a washing machine)”
“Safety goggles recommended (on an envelope opener)”
“Do not iron clothes on body”,

And one of my personal favourites on a Superman costume: “Costume does not enable flight nor increase strength”

But then, I look at some of our current World leaders and completely understand why.

What a time to be alive!