If it is unsubstantiated, it has no place in the News.

So, I’m watching Fox News / Fox & Friends as Donald Trump is doing his first TV interview in the lead up to his Message to Congress and I’m furious, but not with Donald Trump.

Louie Gohmert, a Republican Congressman from Texas and he just said this (Exact quote, word for word):

“I heard this weekend a rumour, I’m trying to find out if it’s true, they let one of the guys go back to Pakistan…” in reference to US Intelligence IT analysts hired by the Democrats that he has claimed are the cause of the recent leaks plaguing the Trump Government.

So here is my problem with this one single statement. This is a Congressman with no FACTS, acting solely on a rumour and he just made a public statement on national television which is now being quoted as “Factually accurate” and “Credible”.

This is my problem with the news and media in general. Fox News, and let’s be fair, they aren’t the most credible new outlet to begin with, but they just allowed a Congressman to make an unsubstantiated claim, that wasn’t fact-checked, that didn’t have credible sources, that didn’t meet their guidelines for ‘truth’ in media, and they didn’t question him on his statement at all, in fact they played to it and went on a tangent about how more needs to be done to hold these people to account.

We can’t believe our leaders, we can’t believe our media, we can’t believe most of what we find on the internet… no wonder the world is so messed up right now.

Remember the old days when the media had morals, ethics, and stuck to their principles in order to be the most accurate, the most up to date, and the most trusted?

We’ll see how this plays out but I suspect we’ll now hear a lot about this mysterious “Pakistani” who will no doubt end up being linked to an Islamic Extremist group, working for the Democrats, paid personally by Hillary Clinton and President Obama.


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