I will move a notice of motion in the Senate Monday calling for any private school that discriminates against a teacher or student on sexuality grounds be stripped of all government funds and charity status.

It's a really scary time for dudes right now. So I wrote a song about it. Go #vote friends! #TheResistance #1Thing @ACLU @WC4SJ #letsmakesomenoise

If you close your eyes and listen to #Kavanaugh it sounds like Kermit the Frog off his meds #Kermit #KavanaughConfirmationHearings

20 minutes of deliberation. The panel must be counting the money to make sure it's all there before making their decision on #Slater. #NRL #BillySlater #NRLGF

With the passing of #burtreynolds, can someone please check in on Tom Selleck's moustache to make sure it's ok? RIP, Burt. A true legend.

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